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1934 Bloody Mary international awards
Some say it was meant to be…

The first Bloody Mary drink served in the US was in New York City in 1934. So it is fitting that our company 1934, created a Bloody Mary Mix. And like our BBQ Sauces, we didn’t create just “another” Bloody Mary mix.

Shortly after we started selling our BBQ sauce we were asked if some of the spices we use in our BBQ sauces could “kick” up a Bloody Mary?

Sticking with the purist view we have with our BBQ sauces we chose to make a “traditional” mix. Utilizing some of the amazing spices we use in our BBQ sauces, we created a bold full-flavored fresh tasting mix. One that is not too spicy and provides a full-body flavor.

We set out to make a Bloody Mary mix that was great strait out of the bottle, unlike  others you take home and add ingredients to. According to numerous judges and consumers around the word…we did it! Our 1934 Bloody Mary Premium mix has won every major world competition in 2018  2019  2020.

Our Bloody Mary mix is not just for drinking…we have numerous customers and chefs using it to cook with. That’s right…we know from experience it makes wonderful oyster shooters! Look thru the recipe ideas on our Home page for more cooking ideas.

If you are looking for a bold “fresh” flavored mix… made without chemicals, that won’t water down in your glass … then try a bottle of our 1934 Premium Bloody Mary mix and taste for yourself why it is setting the new standard in the industry.


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