BBQ Sauce


Bold and thick…little black pepper and apple cider vinegar. Just what you would expect in “true” Texas BBQ sauce.


A unique blend of premium spices with smoked Ancho chilies…creating the perfect smoke flavor.


Smoke Ancho chilies with a little cayenne pepper to provide a mild heat that won’t overpower the taste of your food.

Sweet Onion

Sweet onions pureed into our Original sauce providing a great smooth flavor.
1934 Waco, Texas…this is where our story and BBQ sauce began. Central Texas’ first BBQ sauce!

Nearly a century ago when barbecuing as we know it was first being created, there were no stores selling BBQ sauce. Smoking purest will say “If the meat is smoked right…you don’t need sauce.” We won’t argue with them… however in 1934, the process of smoking “low and slow” was being figured out and it was anything but perfect. During this time, there were those that thought a sauce could add flavor to the meat. As such, our sauce was created.

Creating a sauce in 1934 was different than those made today. Ingredients available were simple…. ketchup, mustard, vinegar, pepper and other spices…Natural ingredients. Today tastes have changed…sauces are made with ingredients that were not used a hundred years ago. Like mango, coffee, peaches, strawberries, and sweet peppers. In addition to these flavors…chemicals such as Xanthan gum, Guar gum, High fructose corn syrup, natural smoke flavoring, modified food starch, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and other chemicals are used to reduce the cost.

At 1934, we are “old school” when it comes BBQ. When we spend 8-16 hours nurturing meat over a slow fire…the only sauce going on our meat will be something natural. No chemical based sauce for us…no thank you! We believe your time an money deserve better!

We make all our sauces today the same way they were made in 1934, with simple natural ingredients.

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1934 Texas BBQ
Texas BBQ
1934 Texas BBQ

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