waco 1934

Our fully restored 1930 Model A pickup.

About Us

1934 Waco, Texas…
A simpler time… Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys were creating Country music. It was a time of experimentation in Central Texas Barbecuing…… perfecting the art of smoking meat low and slow to provide the tender smoke flavored meats we all enjoy today.

My grandfather, a member of a non-profit organization in Waco in need of money created our 1934OriginalBBQ Sauce for a fundraising event. The event was so successful our sauce was served to hundreds of thousands of Texans over the next six decades, but the sauce was never sold till now!

Today we pay homage to those pioneers that taught us the craft of spending long hours stoking a fire to keep it at just the right temperature….. Waiting for the perfect time to pull the meat from the smoker and enjoy the day’s long hours of patience for the moment at hand.

Holding firm to our roots, our sauces are made today the same way our “Original” sauce was nearly a century ago, with only natural ingredients. 


1934 is “true”  Texas BBQ sauce!

To all those who believe “Originals” are sometimes better than what comes after… and want to enjoy great food like it was nearly a century ago, then try our products and experience the taste Original Texans did in 1934.

Here’s to sauce stains on your boots!